Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's New?

Today Ava wore my lastest project, a sheersucker romper.

I have been pretty busy lately so my blog enteries have been mostly pictures. I FINALLY finished my taxes tonight and the romper on Thursday night, so I have been scratching things off of my to do list.

Our garden is looking really good, I will have to post some updated pictures. We had some green beans grow, however there where only 2 big enough to eat, hopefully they start growing together so we can eat something. The grape tomatoes are popping up. Bill and I are really excited to have some success in our garden by the summer. I guess Bill likes his woman barefoot and pregnant working on the crops.

Monday I have my glucose test at the doctors and pretty soon I will start the 2 week checkups. At times I feel like this pregnancy is moving fast, but other times I can't believe how many weeks are still left. Bill and I are planning a few days in May to officially get organized.

Friday we are heading to Disney for a few days. I can't wait. I know Ava is going to have a blast!! I just hope she doesn't cry when she sees Pooh. I want a good picture of us with him.

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