Sunday, July 27, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

This week Ava said goodbye to her best friend and most faithful companion, her binky. They had been together since the beginning, spending countless hours together(not actually the same one)but after a 2 year relationship it was time to part ways.

She threw her 'friend' in the trash and didn't look back! Well she did look back a few hours later when it was time for bed, but everyone knows once something is in the trash isn't gone for good! Although they had a very serious relationship, Ava did not follow standard breakup rules of no new relationships for one month for every year you where together. Ava is now sleeping peacefully with 3 baby dolls, 2stuffed dogs, and one random Pooh bear each night! That may sound like alot for one crib, but I'm sure some of them are just rebounders.

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