Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Keep on Movin

The Kilcoynes have been constantly moving for the past week. Last Thursday we started our journey to the Northeast. Vivian and Ava did excellent on the flight, thank God for portable DVD players! We certainly wouldn't have survived in the good old days of reading and Walkmans.

After we got to my mom's in NJ, we left for the Packard's in VA Beach, which by the way is no where near 4 hours from the Delaware Memorial Bridge! Casa de Packard earned my highest house guest rating- even if we did earn our keep by watching some kids! I say it was a small price to pay since the other option consisted on me run 13.2 miles and 6am. Which I have a hard time deciding which is harder, running or waking up before 6am.

Our weekend with the Quinton and Sharon is one I will remember for a long time. Bill and I are so glad we where able to see them, the kids, and their beautiful house. Truly a wonderful weekend even if Q did see Bill's bare ass!

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