Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Kids are Awesome and So are We

I wanted to posted this video yesterday, but I bought a sampler case of Belgium beer at Costco this weekend so I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.

One point of awesomeness from last night goes to my kick ass dessert- not quite a brownie not quite pudding. Ina Garten calls it Brownie Pudding and its like a molten chocolate cake Bill and I get at our fancy restuarant, but better because its bigger when I make it! As soon as I saw the recipe in the Barefoot Contessa's Back to Basic cookbook I knew Bill would love it!
Ava would like to take credit for the dessert, which I need to give her. She loves to cook! I can barely make Mac and Cheese without her begging to help and see what I am doing. Her speciality is pasta sauce, she is pretty heavy with the basil, but it works. Although last night, she was responsible for adding the cocoa and licking the spoon. Ava is hilarious in her video, which is awesome.

After eating we spent the evening outside by the fire. I usually build the fire but last night Bill and Claire played Survivor and forced themselves to build one without our usual weapon of choice, a liter of lighter fluid. Thankfully, they where successful or we would have froze of little Florida buns off. I have to say, my parents never built us a fire, and if they did, I would call them awesome. For this reason I say Bill and I are awesome!

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