Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thanks to the a large northern shipment of hand me down clothes, Ava's drawers are bursting! So much so I find myself not wanting to make clothes for her, because she really doesn't need anymore at this point. So its time to try new things. Last week it was PJs, now this week a bathrobe.

Ava always complains she is freezing during the time she leaves the bathtub to getting into her Pj's, well NOT anymore. She is, and I quote, "Warm and Cozy." She got a big kick of having a robe like mommy and grandma. She even told me she wanted to wear it in the morning over her pj's, but this has yet to happen.

I just started cutting out the fabric to make one for Vivian, but I ended up being 2 sleeves short on the pink terry. I might have to get creative with Vivian's robe. We shall see.

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