Thursday, December 4, 2008

Long time No Project

I have been sewing here and there, nothing too exciting to share on the blog. Last week I did sew some baby gifts but since they have not been recieved and since I didn't take pictures of them before I sent them off, I can't really post them. Maybe later, if the parents send me some pictures. Which they better since they are awesome gifts!

Here is a little dress I made for Ava. I have enough fabric to make a matching one for Vivian. I have high hopes of getting a picture of them together in the matching dresses, which might be more work than actually making the dresses.

I made this dress in ONE day. I am getting faster, or parenting less. It's no secret, looking good comes with a price.

Ottobre Designs - Issue 1/2008

Baby Deer Dress sans Deer

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