Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa is Coming to Town

I went WAY beyond my weekly update deadline. Yes I try to do something blog worthy at least weekly, don't want post too much about my excitement daily, because that pretty much consist of deep conversations about where poopie goes and if anyone needs to go pee pee at any given time. Exhilarating.

Our house is official in the holiday spirit! Tree up- check, House lights up- check, cookies baked- check, Christmas cookies eaten 2 weeks before Dec 25th- check and check..

Ava is grasping the concept of Christmas. She loves all the decorations and lights and if you ask her want kind of present she wants Santa to bring her the answer is simple- "Big". I'm sure that will one day be replace with "Shinny", just like Mommy. Here that Santa!!

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