Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week in Review

Bad blogger- I know!!

This week kind of got away from me. Highlights, my sister's college roommate Robyn had a baby girl on Monday, my dad's birthday, Welcome Raelle!! Saturday, I attended a lovely baby shower for my friend Lisa thrown by my pal Erin. Erin is very creative and did a fabulous job!! I need to recruit her for my next shindig!

Lowlight- We had a storm on Tuesday which, thanks to a tree, caused damage to some power lines and our house along with 44 others lost power!! You might not think that is too bad, but it was probably 95 degrees with 100% humidity that day. The house was unbarable until we left. These things never seem to happen on days Bill has off from work. The power went out around 3:30 pm and did not come back until 9pm. The girls are I just roamed the streets until it came back. Ok maybe not the streets but we wandered to various air conditioned locations.

Here are some various items I made this week:

Pink Florida Gator's Bib
Pink Florida Gator's Boppy Cover
Cake Plate tutu

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