Sunday, February 10, 2008

Diapers that Last Forever

Ava's new cloth diapers arrived on Friday and not a momment too soon. Lately she has been getting terrible diaper rash, not to mention I have been getting tired of constantly shelling out money for diapers. I only bought a couple of diapers so I could try a few kinds out, if you are reading this and used cloth diapers on your baby which is old enough to drive, you would be shocked by all the "new" options out there for diapers. No pins, no folding.

So far, using cloth has been just as easy as disposibles, but less smelly. Yes, LESS smelly. Without chemicals the pee and poop doesn't smell. Since I have a limited amount of cloth diapers, we are still using some disposibles, and already Ava's rash has almost completely cleared up. Unfortunately, she has school all week this week where she will be wearing disposibles during the day. When we are home we usally get her to go on the potty a couple of times which helps with the rash situation.

So by the summer, I might have 2 in diapers but my wallet will not feel it. You might not agree with using cloth or think I am cheap, but I would rather save my diaper money for college.

Attached is a picture of Ava modeling her new diaper. Only the finest cotton for my baby's bum!

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Lorelei said...

Hi Amy,

I happened to stumble across your post on the July 06 Message Board about your blog. I am sitting around stalling to get ready for a shower that I need to be at in less than an hour, so I figured I'd get caught up on reading the message board posts. I, too, have a July 06 baby girl. Although I don't post a whole lot, my screen name was Flutterby_7.

Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate you on going cloth! We cloth diaper Cassidy part-time (here at home - disposables for daycare) and we LOVE it!