Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Well another weekend came flying by. Ava and I spent most of Saturday by ourselves since Bill was working. We went back to Butterfly World to hang out with some butterflies and birds. We both really like that place.

The SuperBowl was pretty boring until we got to the last 5 minutes. I know there are alot of disappointed Pats fans out there, however I can't really feel bad for them because as an Eagles fan I had to cope with disappointment for countless seasons. At least T.Brady still has his looks. My crush on the Manning boys grows deeper with every football season.

I don't have too much time for a long post. Monday is looming. I have high hopes on finishing another outfit for Ava this week, wish me luck on accomplishing my deadline.

Happy Birthday Frankie- We miss you everyday!

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