Monday, March 16, 2009


(Ava not shown due to being a 2yr old)

It's getting a bit late, so this maybe brief, but I wanted to thank everyone for their comments since my post a week ago. I was hoping to get a comment from my mom or maybe Bill but I wasn't expecting all the others. It turns out my mom and Bill are the only people NOT reading this blog. I feel the love and support.

Today was Vivian's Christening, and whew! I'm glad the is finally crossed off the list. It takes alot of planning and coordinating when your guests live a thousand miles away. Of course this GOES without saying, Vivian was the cutest and best dressed baby there!

My mom and brother are here until Wed, so I'm pretty busy being a good host and tour guide so all sewing project are currently on hold unless there is naptime, and I'm not talking just about for the kids.

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