Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vivian's Christening Gown

Vivian is getting Baptized on March 15th. I decided to make Vivian's Christening gown. Ava wore the Christening gown I wore as a baby and it was a bit snug since she was 6 months when she was Baptized. Well being the on the ball mom that I am, Vivian will be 9 months when she gets tapped on the head with Holy water. Needless to say, the heirloom gown will not cut it for Viv.

To spare Vivian a few therapy session later in life as she explains how Ava got everything and all she got was hand me downs and nothing was special for her I couldn't in good conscience buy a gown.

So Vivian has a very special handmade gown that hopefully her daughter can use or Ava's because I assume they WILL fight over my handy work!

I don't know if this project was easy or if my sewing skills are improving but this was a BREEZE! I was a little nervous getting started because I never made anything out of taffeta or lace but things came together nicely. I'm thrilled with the outcome.

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Danielle Hesser-Watkins said...

This dress is amazing. I feel like such a loser next to you :) I have pants that just need buttons and I am too lazy to do it...I can do it but I just don't bother, I suck. Vivian looks so precious in this dress, what a nice thing that she'll always be able to say that her Mommy made her Christening dress...better get started on the wedding dress :)